The certificate courses offered by Practical Life Skills are an opportunity for enthusiastic students to develop an in depth and practical understanding of mental health concerns. Our organization offers the following courses:

1. Mind Microscope

[orbit_icon_content icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#3b86c4″]Mind Microscope

Mind Microscope is a 5 months comprehensive training and internship program for undergraduate students studying psychology. The aim of Mind Microscope is to help students develop skills and techniques of working with Mental illnesses like. Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and substance abuse.

The students undergo an intensive training program and get are given hands on experience of during the internship. The students are equipped with skills and practice of taking individual sessions and group therapy sessions in a clinical setting.

Course Details:

  • For admissions and details contact us at
  • Duration: 5 months

Course Structure:

  • Workshop 1: one week
  • Internship Phase 1: 2 months
  • Workshop 2: one week
  • Internship Phase 2: 2 months

Course Fees:  40000/-[/orbit_icon_content]

Some Highlights From Our Courses