[heading color=”#1e73be”]THERAPY[/heading]
[image 0=””]7228[/image][heading type=”4″ color=”#bc0000″]Brain Based Framework Program[/heading]

This program is based on the work done by Dr. Gabor Mate ( an expert with over 20 years of experience working in Canada. Understanding and restructuring brain biology is essential for recovery. We use activities and tasks designed to regulate the endorphins, dopamine, impulse control and adrenaline mechanisms. The recovery rate at our centre has gone up by almost 60% since we introduced this treatment modality.

[heading type=”4″ color=”#bc0000″][/heading][image 0=””]7234[/image][heading type=”4″ color=”#bc0000″]Solution Focused Therapy[/heading]

This goal oriented therapy helps the participants shift their focus from problems to solutions. The main task is to identify the participant’s goals and generate a detailed description of how the participant’s life will be after achieving the goal. To know more about SFBT



[image 0=””]7265[/image][heading type=”4″ color=”#bc0000″]Arts Based Therapy[/heading]

It is a model of Arts in healing developed by WCCLF. ( We use different modalities like Art, Drama, Music and Dance to provide the participants an opportunity to express in a non threatening way. Art based therapy is used as part of Group Sessions and at times in individual sessions. We are getting great results in achieving therapy goals like impulse control, balanced self image, emotion regulation, etc.

[image 0=””]7266[/image][heading type=”4″ color=”#bc0000″]Meditation and Yoga[/heading]

We use Meditation and Yoga the most ancient techniques for healing and self development in our centre to help participants heal and develop physical, mental and spiritual capacities. Ms.Neha Syed conducts this program at the centre focusing on group and individual needs with a tailor-made program to suit the needs of the participants.

[image 0=””]7245[/image][heading type=”4″ color=”#bc0000″]Mindfulness Capacity Building[/heading]

Using mindfulness based activities has helped the participants bring their attention to the external and internal experiences in the present moment. This helps them develop a compassionate and non-judgmental attitude towards themselves and the people, places and situations in their environment. This greatly reduces stress, anxiety and anger and at the same time increasing awareness and consequential thinking.

[image 0=””]7233[/image][heading type=”4″ color=”#bc0000″]Behavior Modification[/heading]

Most participants come to us with underlying behavior issues and the best way to deal with that is with Behavior Modification Therapy. It is a simple technique in which you do positive reinforcement of the behavior that you want the participant to have and do negative reinforcement for the behavior that you don’t want in the participant.

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