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Rahul Bam has been working in the field of de-addiction and rehabilitation for the past 15 years. He has pioneered in this field by introducing new ways to perceive and treat these afflictions. Some are based on the latest research and findings of the scientific community, others adhere to ancient Indian wisdom that is still most relevant in today’s materialistic world. He is a trained arts-based therapist and mixes his many influences in the fabric of recovery that is offered in his rehabilitation centre called Positive Learnings Space in Pune.



Salva Bam is a psychologist who brings a fresh and exuberant perspective to an otherwise pedantic field of work. Due to her life experience and her training, she manages to constantly find new and better ways to do the things that need to be done to create an environment that is conducive to recovery and healing. Thinking out of the proverbial box is her strong suite and she is not one to take the easy way out. She will make sure all the work is put in to achieve the set goals.

Her take on treatment is one that is backed by lots of study and observation and yet it is tailored to the conditions that are applicable to any particular client. Her vast empathy toward all living beings is the guiding force in all that she does. When she is not working at the centre or something related to it you will find her taking care and feeding cats and dogs wherever she finds them. She believes that life is a life and everything that lives should have the chance to be happy.

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Dr. Ratnaparkhi is the founder and pioneer of Manasvardhan trust, Pune. She is the original spearhead in treating addiction and its co morbidities. With vast amounts of empathy and over 40 years in the field of mental health Dr. Ratnaparkhi has been the reason for many successful recoveries. She is the motherboard of Positive Learnings Space, providing the centre with her counsel whenever necessary. Positive Learnings Space is blessed to have her on our honorary board guiding us to give the best psychiatric and therapeutic treatment to our clients. Her motto 'ADAPTABILITY is necessary to move forwards towards growth' is a building block for many who went onto to have beautiful paths in recovery in their lives ahead.

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 Dr. Dhananjay Neel a psychiatrist with a true passion backed by years of. empathy, knowledge and experience in the field of mental health. He believes that the right medication with the right kind of therapeutic support does wonders for the human mind. 

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Hi, I'm Dhananjay. After finishing my Masters in social work I gathered over 7 years of experience working in the field of mental health and de-addiction. I am the person who bridges the gap between families and clients to make their stay at the centre as fruitful as possible.  My strengths are my firmness, my honesty, my enthusiasm to learn, and my openness to challenge myself.

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Hi, I am Anmol, with 8 years of experience working with addicts and being a recovering addict myself I can completely relate to our clients, and hence it is very easy for me to guide families and clients in changing and challenging their perceptions. My strengths are my organised structured mind, my ability to adapt, my own personal experiences with addiction, and my calmness in difficult situations.

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Hi, I am Shreya and I’m a clinical psychologist. I’m very happy to be doing what I love, being a therapist comes easily and naturally to me. With 7 years of working in the field of mental health I know one thing, listening effectively goes a long way. My strengths are my compassionate nature, my yearning to learn new therapies, my ability to work hard and push myself, and my internal motivation to be the best therapist I can be.

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Hi I am Neeraj and I have completed my general nursing degree. With over 9 years experience in taking care of patients in the mental health department there is nothing I cannot do. I believe that we kindness and hard work goes a long way. My strengths are multi tasking, my expert knowledge on medical treatments, my soft spoken voice and my ability to get things done on time with a lot of hard work.

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Hi I am Sonali. After completing my masters degree in counselling psychology I decided to work in the field of mental health and de-addiction. With over 3 years of experience I have realised that there is not one way that works with everyone, each person is different and needs to be treated keeping their unique personalities in mind. My strengths are my keen mind to learn new therapies, my interest in DMT (dance movement therapy), my ability to ability to look at the positive sides of things and my ability to work hard.

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