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Positive Learnings Space is a treatment centre dedicated towards helping the growing issues of addiction and mental health in our day and age. We are a Team of Mental Health Professionals working towards finding the best treatment options for treating patients with Addiction, Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Anxiety, OCD to name a few. The goal of this space is to be a safe learning ground for those who need support and nurturing to overcome obstacles and develop themselves to better face challenges and integrate into society seamlessly. We aim to provide our clients with tools and strategies to help them develop internal strength, insight and abilities to function in productive and harmonious ways. Our years of experience dealing with people suffering from a variety of addictions and mental disorders has taught us to look at each person from unique perspective and provide help and healing best suited to their individual needs. We make sure that each client is given personal attention to help accelerate their growth. Discipline and structure is the backbone of our treatment and it creates much order to their otherwise chaotic lives.


Our gathered expertise has also led to –

  • Creating Awareness to move beyond the Taboo attached to Mental Illnesses and Addiction
  • Free Consultation Camps
  • Prevention programs for students and organizations. The aim of these programs is to address the problem when it is still budding.
  • Training programs for young professionals to help them develop the necessary skills for working with individuals and families in distress.

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