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Positive Learnings Space was founded by Rahul Bam in the year 2012 with a key goal, to pioneer a change in the view and treatment of addiction. What is an addiction you may ask? To answer it simply is a destructive and pathological relationship with a substance or experience that can be defined by the HARM that it causes. This harm is always directed towards the self-destructive addict and those around him, especially family members. With this key information in mind, we work towards the treatment with compassion, kindness, empathy and yet a certain firmness. Our model is mostly psychotherapeutic, our years of advanced experience have taught us that basic humanistic skills work far more effectively than medical treatment does. This being said, we have a team of medical doctors and nurses who are cooperatively working with our psychotherapeutic model. Hence, we have created a wonderful blend of medical and therapeutic treatment. We focus on each individual separately to help promote personal recovery as every client is not exactly the same. Positive Learnings Space encourages different modalities of therapies under one roof to create a lasting permanent change in the view and perception of the client. Our basic model of humanistic principles coupled with different therapy models and medication when needed has proved to be successful in helping people find their way in the world.

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In this world where there are rehabs a dime a dozen selling all brands of recovery wrapped up in complicated words, we know that the only way out is through. Our focus is very individualistic knowing that each person comes with a unique set of strengths, weaknesses and values. We bring out the root afflictions of each individual giving them time and space to contemplate whether their current life choices are conducive to their future goals, and unfulfilled needs and wants. We work towards building deeper insight and awareness that they are the creators of their life and they have the power to change their stories (with a little help from us). Even though it sounds very lovely, sometimes is not, there is rebellion, anger, aggression, justifications, defensive behaviour and a lot of resistance to treatment in the beginning but with the right care and compassion provided by us, they move towards a better good for themselves and the people around them. The above words will help you see that our treatment is mostly centred around humanistic values and principles. We are not interested in being politically correct at the cost of being effective.

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